For colored hair, bleached and chemically treated hair


Thanks to combinated actions of Aloe, Chitina and acticve natural principles, combines high restructurting properties and best protection of cosmetic hair color.


Color Live Reconstruction Shampoo

Cleanses colored, bleached and chemically treated hair helping to preserve color and make hair shiny rebalancing ph.


Color Live Reconstruction Silver Shampoo

Conditioning shampoo that removes yellow hues from gray and white hair, mitigates the yellow or copper excesses on light blonde or streaked hair, restores natural shine and softness to the hair.


Color Live Reconstruction Cream

Recostructuring rinse mask perfect for colored hair, bleached and chemically treated hair. Helping to preserve color and make hair shiny rebalancing ph.


Color Live Reconstruction Trofogel

Intensive regeneration leave-in for treated and damaged hair. Make demaged and treated hair, shiny and healthy.


Color Live Reconstruction Trofogel Maintenance

Multivalent Instant complex without rinsing. It polishes, untangles and nourishes all hair types, giving combing, shine and vigor.


Color Live Reconstruction Intensive specialist shampoo

It cleanses the very damaged, brittle hair obtaining an ideal scalp for the hair follicle development and for hair regrowth and a hair shaft perfectly sheltered from skin injury due to chemical treatments.