For scalp with sebaceous unbalance


Thanks to combinated actions of Nettle, Burdock, Bisabolo, Hawthorn, Thyme, Keratin and Birch, Purifying It is able to free the skin from dandruff removing all the impurities on scalp and hair.


Sebocontrol Shampoo

Shampoo specifically for skin with sebaceous imbalance that regulates sebum production and retards the spread.


Sebocontrol Fluid

Specific rinsing fluid that contains astringent active ingredients able to control the sebum production by the sebaceous glands. It leaves hair soft, shiny and voluminous.


Sebocontrol Cream

Rinsing Mask specific for scalps with sebaceous imbalance. It controls the sebum production and leaves the hair soft, shiny and voluminous.